Decorative Caps

Post caps- Masonry posts with a durable cover to keep out water. With or without lights these caps, like sills, all have uniform drip grooves to protect the masonry below. Custom sizes are available in squares or rectangles smooth or stone faced.

Transition Caps- These caps create a break between masonry construction and wood or steel framing. Cast as one piece where a post bears upon it or cast split with a hole to fit around a post, options are endless.

Wall coping- As with post caps, masonry walls also need to be protected from the weather. Wall copings necessarily come in larger sections which make them more stable. If they are too long, however, they can be too heavy to handle. Flat or pitched, smooth or stone faced, we make sections to suit your application and minimize the number of joints.

Chimney caps- A tough environment for concrete. Warm when the furnace or stove is on and cold when they're not, these constantly changing temperatures and freeze thaw cycles, can tear poor quality concrete apart. As with all of our products, our chimney caps are manufactured with quality air entrained concrete. Every one with a uniform drip groove to protect the masonry below.