In the residential market we have created concrete stairways and steps. 

Stringer Stairs   

Lawn & Garden

Planters- Although not a big seller, we do offer some unique styles. From time to time we are asked to make custom planters. We keep all of our old moulds so if you see something you like or have a special occasion that might require something special just contact us.

Patio stones- Once a regular production item we now only produce these on demand. Great for the DIY folks, these slabs cover ground quickly and economically.   Unlike the cheap stones that have flooded the big box stores, ours are still hand crafted.
Park Benches- In this crazy busy world we live in it's very important to stop and take a load off sometimes. Wyevale Concrete has just the spot. From a plain bench to one with a business message or memory of a loved one, we have the bench for you.